Who We Are:

Liberty Center is a unique, faith-based organization dedicated to training and equipping Christians, business leaders, and patriotic citizens on biblical principles for reforming the American church, and winning the culture war.

What We Do:

Liberty Center believes that as patriots learn truth about government, history, current cultural issues, and biblical discipleship, they will be activated to change their world.  We offer in-class and on-line sessions under three categories: 1) government & culture; 2) business & economics; and 3) applied theology & history. As a student consumes content from these three areas, they will become prepared for action. 

Where We Are:

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Liberty Center was established in 2019 to make a positive influence in local, state and federal government, education, family, church and society.

Liberty Center brings in some of America’s best trainers and subject-matter experts to present compelling information on a variety of current issues.


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Dr Everett PiperReceive a free course (presented by Dr. Everette Piper) by clicking here: https://ekklesiasterion.com/dr-everett-piper-free-class


Dr. Everett Piper is a bestselling author of “It’s Not a Day Care” and other books, a nationally known Dr. Everett Piperconservative speaker. Dr Piper is actively involved in the defense of intellectual freedom advocating for conservative values in education and our nation.  Find out more about Dr. Piper and take the free online class by clicking on this link https://ekklesiasterion.com/dr-everett-piper-free-class