Red Pill, Blue Pill; and EkklesiaSterion.

Red Pill Blue Pill EkkesiasterionI am increasingly embarrassed for young people who use terms like “woke”. It would be a mere annoyance if it wasn’t so dangerous to our Culture. A Youth Pastor at a famous mega-church on the West Coast recently said that Jesus appeared to him and asked him for his forgiveness. Keep in mind that all of historic Christendom hinges on the foundational truth that Jesus was without sin, and therefore is worthy to forgive ours. He would never ask for our forgiveness, given He has never sinned. Such a notion demeans our triumphant Savior. Yet this young man proclaims a blasphemous heresy from a prominent pulpit, and the Christian Culture doesn’t bat an eye. His active imagination becomes a poor substitute for true spiritual maturity. These immature Believers are so “woke”, that they are living in a proverbial Lala-land.
Christians have allowed the post-modern culture to pervade their faith. One example (of many) is the influence of Hollywood. A wildly popular movie called “The Matrix” is so cool, so iconic, that some Christians have used it as foundational Theology. In the movie, one is offered a Red pill, or a blue pill. Take the blue pill, and you will remain blissfully ignorant of truth; but take the red pill and you will suddenly be “woke”, or enlightened to all the harsh realities in the world. The Red pill pulls back the curtains and one becomes part of an epic struggle to right the wrongs of their generation. It all sounds very philosophically deep, indeed.
The Red pill, Blue pill scenario is nothing short of Luciferic. Anyone with a sound Biblical foundation knows that it comes from the wrong Tree. There were two Trees in the Garden of Eden. One was the Tree of Life. The other was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God told Adam not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and that if he did, he would surely die. Lucifer came along and contradicted God, even impugned The Creator’s motives. In effect, Lucifer offered man the lure of Red pill knowledge. Adam fell for it, just as so many are falling for it today. History has shown us the pain, suffering, and even eternal damnation resulting from Lucifer’s damnable lie, and the foolishness of embracing it. Remember that Good and Evil; Right and Wrong are on the same Tree. This is the Tree to avoid. Only consume Life. Let all knowledge be subject to the Life of God’s Spirit, and Word. Jesus said: “The words I speak are spirit and life” (not mere knowledge). Faith only comes by hearing the Word of God.
We are to eat exclusively of the Tree of Life. Adam forfeited access to the Tree, but Jesus restored availability through His substitutional Death, Burial, and Resurrection. This is basic Christian truth 101. No one can ever be “woke” without being Born Again and being deeply Discipled in the Scriptures. Knowledge without God is humanistic futility. This explains a lot. It explains how non-believing Libertarians can be right about many things, yet so wrong about the most important things. It explains why the younger generation is so vulnerable to progressivism and socialism. Knowledge without Biblical foundation, leads to apostasy. It is woefully man-centered, not God-centered.
Our generation needs a mega-dose of Biblical Truth. EkklesiaSterion is a hub of on-going Christian Training which spans all aspects of relevant culture. Respected, local, fruit-bearing instructors will impart character and train disciples in their own specialized areas. We must restore the old waste-places of Christian culture, and rebuild the walls that once protected our precious treasures of Biblical truth. The gaping void of Spiritual and Biblical training, has allowed the proliferation of god-less ideologies in America. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Jesus already told us the ultimate solution: “Go Make Disciples”. EkklesiaSterion is simply a wineskin for Discipleship which can properly administrate the new wine God has provided. Now, let’s get busy doing God’s work.