I Played My Best for Him

I played my best for himI was in a friend’s office yesterday, and then in his vehicle. He had Christmas music playing in both. It is less than three weeks to Christmas Day, so I guess it is time to jump into the holiday with both feet. One of our most iconic Christmas songs is “The Little Drummer Boy”.   Written in 1940 by Katherine Kennicott Davis, the song was first recorded in 1951 by the Family von Trapp (Yes, the famous von Trapp Family portrayed in the movie: “The Sound of Music”). I was recently enjoying the newest YouTube rendition by a group called King and Country, when I was heart-struck by a few phrases in the lyrics. “Little baby: I am a poor boy, too. I have no gift to bring, that’s fit to give our King”; “Shall I Play for You? (since I have nothing else to give) “I played my Best for Him: Then He Smiled at me.

Let me just say: I am a worshipper, and I love singing Praises. But my whole life is worship to God, not just my singing. Every obedient act, every Holy thought, and every Labor of love. But do I “play my best for Him”? Do I spend my entire life on Him, to the very best of my ability, with a heart of worship? Do we actually give it our very Best? Probably not every day, but sometimes, by His grace we actually do. And then what? God actively responds to our worship. Worship, like Prayer, is a two-way street.  He acknowledges us with hints of pleasure on His face. When we draw nigh unto Him, He draws nigh us to us. When we play our best for Him, it gets His attention. And then: He Smiles at us, just as an adoring Father smiles at his precious child. “Then He smiled at me”. Just one look from His face, and I am supercharged for living life again.