Courses Offered Listed by Instructor

EkklesiaSterion – Class Titles

Three Categories or Blocks of Subject Matter:
1) Governments & Culture ( GC )
2) Business & Economics ( BE )
3) Applied-Theology & History ( TH )

Charles Biggs: “Journalism Ethics and Fake News” (GC)
“The Homosexual Agenda” (GC)
“Starting a Small Business” (BE)

Bob Linn: “Theological Foundation for Western Civilization” (TH)
“Man as God’s Vice Regent” (TH)

David McLain: “The Word of God” (TH)
“The Constitution” (GC)

Mark Neely: “Biblical Approach to Church Security” (TH)
“Fundamentals of Firearm Training” (GC)
“Becoming One: Fundamentals of Biblical Marriage” (TH)

Bill Ledbetter: “Remedial Judgment: God’s Attempts to get America’s Attention” (TH)
“Cherished Principles of Freedom: Economic Prosperity and Why America Works” (BE)
“The Rogue Branch: Judicial Tyranny in America” (GC)
“Clear & Present Danger: Tyranny in America” (GC)
“Keys to a Free Society: Fundamental Virtues for a Free Society” (GC)

Dr Everett Piper: “Freedom and Fences” (GC)
“Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (GC)

Dr Phil Smith: “The Progressive Movement: History; Present; Future” (GC)
“US Imigration History” (GC)
“The Impact of the 1960s on the USA” (GC)
“Our Founding Fathers” (TH)

Jarrin Jackson: “Rebranding Conservatism for the Future” (GC)

Jesse Leon Rodgers: “Appropriating the Atonement for Cultural Transformation” (TH)

Wayne Hill:
“Christian Personal Finance” (BE)
“Biblical Economics” (BE)

Scott McEachin: “The Light & Path of the US Constitution: Philadelphia Convention, Federalist Papers, and Radification Debates” (TH)

Dana Prieto: “Getting Involved in Politics” (GC)
“Life Skills: The 7 Principles that Saved the Planet” (GC)

Amanda Teegarden: “Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process” (GC)

Karen Hardin: “How to Build Your Social Media Platform to Reach People” (BE)
“How to Write to Influence Others” (BE)
“Time & Money: Saving Steps on Writing / Publishing a Book” (BE)

Dr Jim Burkett: “Apologetics Intro to Christian Apologetics” (TH)
“Apologetics The Case for The Bible” (TH)
“Apologetics The Case for The Deity of Christ” (TH)
“Apologetics Christian Worldview & Practical Theology” (TH)
“Apologetics Christian Worldview & Cultural Change” (TH)

Stephen Black: “Understanding Homosexuality: Casualties 101” (GC)
“Understanding Homosexuality: Casualties 102” (GC)
“Why Evangelicals are Embracing LGBTQ+ ‘Christianity’” (GC)

Ronda Villumont-Smith

Dan Fisher: “State Sovereignty & The 10th Amendment” (GC)
“Abolishing Abortion” (GC)
“Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment” (TH)

Paul Blair: “Reclaiming America for Christ” (GC)

Eddie Huff: “Discipleship for Dummies” (TH)

Charles Chung: “The IRS, The Church, and the 501(c) Tax Exempt Status” (BE)
“Sovereignty of The Church” (GC)
“Developing Intimacy With Your Heavenly Father” (TH)

Chaz Jaco:

Howard Hatcher:

Bryan Prisock:

Bruce DeLay: “Foundational Principles of the Doctrine of Christ” (TH)
“The Spiritual Man” (TH)

Bill Davis Jr: “Heart Code: Basic Life Support” (MS)
“Heart Saver: “Basic Life Support” (MS)


Please note, our classes and course schedules will continue to update and be added to. Don’t forget to check back often.